Tom Brady can't stop swearing.

The New England Patriots' 37-year-old quarterback, who has defined elegance and grace in his off-the-field demeanor, has been caught on camera several times over his career screaming a certain four letter word that starts with the letter f and rhymes with "duck."

Here's Brady's reaction to a Green Bay Packers first down last week:

And here he is later in the same game:

After these mini-tantrums were caught on camera, the Boston Globe criticized Brady for showing poor sportsmanship.

Of course, this is not the first time cameras have caught Brady uttering the word. NSFW alert for explicit language:

During his weekly interview with Boston sports radio station WEEI this week, Brady shrugged off criticism for his use of the f-bomb.

"I wish I did have a better mouth out there at times, but there’s nothing that quite expresses the way I feel like that word,” Brady said. "It is, it is [a great word], especially in the heat of the moment. ... Blame CBS and NBC for putting it on TV. Don’t blame me."

Brady said that while there are certain places where he is more restrained with his language, he feels free to express himself on the gridiron.

“We’re not choir boys, I know that,” Brady said. "You bring us up to a certain level of intensity to the game, your job is to go out there and physically, emotionally, mentally dominate the game. You don't do that at church on Sunday. You’ve got to go to the football field for that."

Brady is far from the first pro athlete to get caught swearing during a game, and while the NFL has started fining players for using "inappropriate language," the future Hall of Famer hasn't racked up a bill yet.

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