Rafael Nadal is famously superstitious about his water bottles.

The Spanish superstar needs the labels on his water bottles facing out while he plays, and he has sometimes gone to great lengths to make sure his drinks are facing the right direction.

In 2009, Nadal stopped a celebration after a clutch point to pick up and reposition his water bottles:

Opponents have even tried to mess with Nadal by knocking the bottles over. Unfortunately for Marinko Matosevic, who attempted this ploy in 2013, Nadal simply laughed it off.

Nadal's obsession with water bottles provided another good laugh for tennis fans at this year's Australian Open. Toward the end of Nadal's fourth-round match against Kevin Anderson, the wind blew over one of his water bottles. The event led to a stoppage in play and the chair umpire had one of the ballboys run over and fix the bottle. Nadal was apparently unaware of what had happened but couldn't help but smile once he realized it. Asked after the match about the incident, Nadal claimed he hadn't requested the ballboy's action.
Nadal didn't seem troubled by the water bottle, as he disposed of Anderson in straight sets. He is set to face Tomas Berdych in the quarterfinals.
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