Pete Czerwinski, a competitive eater and weightlifter known as "Furious Pete," should have enough protein to last him for a few weeks.

That's because Czerwinski recently downed 1,000 grams of protein in one sitting. Yes, that's right.

In what resembles an art project as much as a meal, Czerwinski combines 24 White Chocolate Raspberry Quest Bars with 25 Chocolate Cookie Dough Quest Bars to make the largest protein snack you've ever seen.

And then he eats it.

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In case you were wondering, it is suggested we get between 10 and 35 percent of our total calories from protein. Most adult men require about 55-65 grams a day. In other words, Czerwinski took down enough protein to last him between two and three weeks. In the description under the YouTube video he jokingly writes:

"It was delicious and I gained 420 lbs of instant muscle. Amazing!"