Of all the teams in the running for Peyton Manning, the Titans might just have the sweetest deal. But not because of what owner Bud Adams has put on the table.

It's Nashville-based Shoney's that has put the icing on the cake pancakes. The popular midwest diner chain has offered the free agent quarterback a free stack of their famous flapjacks every day for the remainder of his career if he chooses the Music City.

The company took out a full page ad in the sports section of The Tennessean newspaper on Friday. Above a picture of their pancakes it reads, "Peyton, Sign Here and Tennessee Would Really Be Stacked."

It went on to woo the former University of Tennessee star, laying out the offer with a message from the top: " Shoney’s CEO David Davoudpour wants to sweeten the deal. Sign with our hometown team and you’ll receive FREE PANCAKES EVERY DAY throughout your career here in Nashville. Let’s Win. And Let’s Eat!"

This isn't the first time Peyton's dining habits have hit the newsstand recently. Last week a waiter was fired from the Angus Barn in Raleigh, N.C. for releasing a copy of Manning's dinner bill, which showed a $200 tip on a $739.58 tab that already included 18 percent gratuity.

Let that be a lesson to any Shoney's employees if Manning does happen to sign with the Titans and take advantage of the chain's generosity.

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The diner chain explained the reason behind their ad campaign in a press release: "Having Manning as a Titan would be good for the fans and good for the community as he is a charitable person with good character."

But as great as the deal might sound to breakfast-loving Americans, it wouldn't add up to much besides calories. If Manning were to eat a stack every morning for five years, it would cost the chain around $9,000.

Considering the Colts paid him $174 million during his 14-year career, it sounds like Shoney's is going to need to throw in lunch, dinner and a few franchises too.

-- Adam Watson is the food czar at ThePostGame. You can follow him on Twitter @AdamKWatson.


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