In rural India, a group of teenage boys are doing some incredible things to enjoy a game they love.

They are making their own golf clubs -- carving them out of trees they cut down.

An incredible short documentary uploaded to YouTube, titled "Tiger Woods of Bengal," showcases the process the boys undertake to create their own clubs -- and the end products, made only with rough tools, are remarkable in their quality and similarities to actual clubs.

As the film explains, golf is a relatively new past-time in India, but it's catching on quickly. The boys in the film have big aspirations that include representing their country as its top golfers one day.

"We cut wood from the forest and bring it here," says one of the boys, pointing beyond the local golf course to trees in the distance. "Then we peel it and make clubs out of it."

The documentary crew then follows the boys into the forest, which frequently features elephants and leopards.

More dangerous, though, are the forest guards on patrol, who are government-appointed to keep people from cutting down the forest.

Without access to the wood, though, the boys can't play golf -- there is no other way for them to get their hands on the gear they need. So a hooked hatchet is used to cut down the trees, and then the wood is carried off slung over a shoulder.

The full documentary is 16 minutes long, but well worth your time:

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