Sarah Brame was fishing in the rain off the sound at her family's beach house in Myrtle Beach when she snagged what appears to be about a five pound fish. The excitement builds as she and her compatriots try to reel the catch in, but things take a terrifying turn in a hurry just as they're about to net it.

(We'll warn you, some very justifiable obscenities follow.)

That, our friends, is a big nasty bull shark, and it has no interest in keeping your heart rate at a healthy level. The scariest part about its presence is that no one even noticed it was lurking right below them the whole time. It wasn't exactly a minnow of a shark, and still rose out of nothing.

We also feel for the small fish that was sacrificed unknowingly in the name of great Internet entertainment. And we're guessing Sarah and her friends will forever be haunted by what's lurking in the waters in the sound from now on. Can't say we blame them. We're already so scared that we're wondering what's lurking in the bird bath out back.

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