A jockey has a hard enough time staying upright on a horse for an entire race, so you would think that putting jockeys on ostriches would be a recipe for disaster.

And you would be right.

Saturday was the sixth annual "Extreme Race Day" at Canterbury Park in Minnesota, and that meant the ostriches and camels were back at it. In what was called the "craziest" running of the "Don't Lay An Egg Dash," Wally The Birdman managed to come out on top. Other impressive Ostrich names included "Ostradamus" and "Ostracized."

Poor jockeys. Not only are they riding a bird, most of them couldn't even hang on until the finish line. In fact, it is so difficult to ride the birds, the park spokesman said it is almost like "trying to ride a football."

(H/T to Awful Announcing)

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