One Indianapolis man is taking fanhood to an entirely new level. Michael Andresen, a police officer and die-hard Patriots fan, recently displayed his incredible and humongous tattoos on his Twitter page.

Andresen has tattoos of tight end Rob Gronkowski and wide receiver Wes Welker on his arms along with the Super Bowl XLVI logo. He's also got a photo of Bill Belichick in his trademark hooded sweatshirt.

Seriously, though, where is the most iconic Patriot? You know, the two-time NFL MVP who has led the Patriots to three Super Bowl victories? You figure if you get one New England tattoo, Tom Brady would be the guy to get. But maybe Andresen is saving Brady for another body part. After all, he's only got so much room.

Let's hope, for Andresen's sake, that Welker and Gronkowski remain Patrios for a long time. Otherwise this man might be looking into laser tattoo removal.

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