Emiliano Grillo

Maybe you've lost your luggage at the airport. But you probably haven't had your golf clubs lost by the airline when those clubs are supposed to be in Rio, Brazil, where you are scheduled to compete in the 2016 Olympic Games.

Emiliano Grillo is not so lucky. He's in Rio, but his golf clubs are ... well ... we're working on that. And so is American Airlines, which lost his clubs and still haven't managed to locate them.

That's a problem because, as Grillo explains in a rant on Twitter, the mix-up might cost him a chance at Olympic glory.

So things were looking bad, especially for American Airlines. But its response didn't help its image:

Until Grillo's clubs are found -- or until he officially misses out on the 2016 Olympic Games -- all we can do is sit and wonder where in the world his clubs might be.

Feel free to reply to his online poll:

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