High-intensity workouts deserve a place in your training, but so does variety. When we get caught up with hitting targets in our workouts, whether it be racing the clock or cranking out a certain number of reps, it's easy to forget fundamental things like the importance of proper form or the mind-muscle connection.

That's why we like this strength-focused yoga flow from CorePower Yoga's Chelsea Scott. This progression combines traditional yoga poses with dumbbells to create a flowing sequence that will not only reconnect your body and mind through slow, controlled, deliberate movements, but also stimulate your muscles by increasing their time under tension.

Watch the video above to see Scott demonstrate this weighted yoga flow from CorePower's Yoga Sculpt class, then give it a shot the next time you're at the gym. All you'll need is a pair of lightweight dumbbells and about five minutes to run through the sequence three or four times on each side.

A key point to remember here is that the way in which you move between poses is just as important as your form in the poses themselves. Focus your attention fully on each and every movement, being mindful of both your form and the muscles you’re relying on during each component of the sequence.

Ideally, this heightened mindfulness will transfer to your other workouts, decreasing your chance of injury and increasing your awareness, control, and, ultimately, results.

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