Chiney Ogwumike plays for the Connecticut Sun, which is convenient for her other job. She is co-host for the African edition of "SportsCenter," and the show is produced, in partnership with Kwesé Sports, at ESPN headquarters in Bristol, Connecticut.

Ogwumike, who is sidelined this season because of an Achilles injury, started her broadcast gig two weeks ago. The response to the WNBA star of Nigerian descent has been phenomenal.

"We found so many global fans of our leagues, so now, working with SportsCenter Africa, we're packaging what goes on in the U.S. in sports and we're showing it to so many African fans," she says. "It's cool because the same network that I'm working for as a SportsCenter anchor for Africa is the same network that will air my WNBA games. So not only will my family and friends, and then the entire continent, be able to see us play, but they also get to see everyone play. It's a game changer, quite frankly. So I'm excited. They're just thrilled. They're happy to have rights to witness basketball and the great things that happen in sports."

Ogwumike spoke about the value of the athlete voice on a Hashtag Sports panel in New York with Uninterrupted colleagues Jimmy Spencer, head of athlete content, and Giants guard Justin Pugh, a fellow contributor.

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