Usain Bolt, James Corden

Usain Bolt is apparently good at both moving on and thinking on his feet.

The nine-time Olympic gold medalist and fastest man alive (that's not an opinion, that's a statistical fact) appeared on The Late Late Show with James Corden earlier this week and rap-battled the host in the "Drop the Mic" segment.

Corden clearly puts in an effort. "You have 14 gold medals less than Michael Phelps," is a fearless verse.

But Bolt keeps his cool and absolutely obliterates Corden. He calls the British host "Kevin James" and tells him to practice for his next job, "driving an Uber." Bolt also uses his latest three gold medals as props because he's freaking Usain Bolt and has that kind of swag.

Bolt, 30, claims he is retiring after the 2017 World Championships next August in London. If he actually goes out then, he has a promising career in entertainment ahead of him.

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