Raiders quarterback Derek Carr is expected to be out 2-6 weeks because of a back injury. E.J. Manuel and Connor Cook are the backups, and Oakland fans are wondering if Carr's injury might lead to the signing of Colin Kaepernick. We asked Raiders icon Tim Brown before the start of this season whether Al Davis would've signed Kaepernick because he was always willing to take chances other owners wouldn't.

Brown joked that maybe Davis wouldn't because Kaepernick had been a 49er but then agreed.

"He would have fit right into the wheelhouse for Al Davis," Brown said. "It's going to be tough for him. I think he would've had a job in Miami if not for this Castro thing."

Last season Kaepernick wore a shirt depicting former Cuban leader Fidel Castro, which led to a testy conversation with a Miami Herald reporter. When the Dolphins lost quarterback Ryan Tannehill to a season-ending knee injury in August, they opted to sign Jay Cutler, who was preparing to start his broadcast career.

"Somebody's going to go down again, and they're going to need a quarterback," Brown said. "And he's going to be the best guy available, and I think they will bring him in."

To be clear, in this instance, Brown was using "they" generically. It is not a reference to the Raiders.

(Despite Brown's crack about Kaepernick being a former 49er, remember the Raiders picked up Jim Plunkett after San Francisco released him. Plunkett then helped the Raiders win two Super Bowls, and they haven't won any since.)