Justin Timberlake, Alfonso Ribeiro

Proper golf etiquette does not disqualify dancing on the course. The AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am is an exception.

Although a few hours north of Bel-Air, Justin Timberlake decided to do "The Carlton" with Carlton on Saturday.

Give Alfonso Ribeiro credit: He's still got it. The moves are as smooth as can be for a purposefully unstylish dance. In fact, he's better at his dance than Timberlake is.

And how about Ribeiro's Tiger Woods Halloween outfit? Imagine how much Will Smith would make fun of it.

Unfortunately for Timberlake (paired with Justin Rose) and Ribeiro (with William McGirt), neither made the cut in the amateur portion. Group O CEO Gregg Ontiveros earned amateur glory, taking the title with Vaughn Taylor. Taylor also won the pro event, edging Phil Mickelson by a stroke.

P.S. Based on the top image and the video, it appears Timberlake and Ribeiro did the dance multiple times, so fans on several holes got the full experience. As Timberlake once said, "Dance with me."

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