Ken Griffey Jr.

Every fresh inductee into the Baseball Hall of Fame has an important question to answer: Which team hat will it wear on its plaque? Only one team can be chosen. In Ken Griffey Jr.'s case, though, the answer might not be that simple.

Yes, Griffey had his best years with the Seattle Mariners, along with stretches with the Cincinnati Reds and Chicago White Sox. But more than any of those team hats, he's most associated with the backwards baseball cap, which he popularized in the 1990s.

In fact, Griffey is so strongly tied to the backwards baseball hat that the traditionally rigid HOF might actually let him wear that on his plaque:

If both sides go for it, it still leaves open the question of whether Griffey will find another way to align himself with a team on his plaque. The simple solution might be to replace the small MLB logo on the back of the hat with the logo of his team of choice -- Seattle, in all likelihood.

This possibility is very exciting to Griffey's fans, as well as almost anyone who has worn a backwards baseball cap.

Griffey Jr. didn't wear the hat backwards in games, but he wore it backwards all the time away from the field -- enough that it looks strange to see him wearing a hat in the proper way.

Let's hope the Hall follows through and enshrines Griffey as the icon we all know and love.

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