Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry, the saint of the NBA, boiled over last night. In front of the world, the two-time reigning MVP, who keeps his demeanor even keel almost always, let his temper get the best of him.

After fouling out for the first time since 2013, Curry flung his mouth guard into the crowd, striking a Cavaliers fan. Curry bombarded the referee, got himself a technical foul and he was ejected from the game. On the way out, Curry apologized to the fan he hit with his memorabilia.

That wasn't just any fan, though: It was Andrew Forbes, the son of Cavs minority owner Nate Forbes. During his post-game press conference, the league's regular-season leading scorer played damage control PR.

On Twitter, fans tossed around rumors about a potential Curry suspension for Game 7. After all, in the 2006 playoffs, Udonis Haslem (who has had the same role with the Heat for like 12 years) was suspended one game for throwing his mouthpiece.

But Haslem's equipment hit referee Joey Crawford. Curry's toss was not aimed at any stripes.

The only lingering question is what Forbes will do with his new mouthpiece. One option: He could auction it off and earn a few bucks. According to ESPN's Darren Rovell, a Curry mouth piece currently being auctioned off, that was not thrown at a fan, should go for at least $5,000.

As the son of a luxury mall developer, though, Andrew Forbes probably doesn't need the money. Maybe he'll keep it as a keepsake from that epic game.

On to Game 7.

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