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Athletes and cereal have gone together since Wheaties boxes started featuring athletes in the early 1930s. Some of the best athletes took breakfast a step further and created lines of cereal dedicated to themselves. Whether it be to donate money to charity, boost their profile or pump a sponsor, athletes have made their early morning presence known.

Tim Duncan became the latest athlete to contribute to that trend, popping "Slam Duncan O's" with H-E-B on Monday. Although, Duncan has actually been down this road before. Earlier in his career, he released a line of now-defunct "Slam Duncans."

Duncan is joined by the likes of Doug Flutie, Rob Gronkowski, Justin Verlander and Brett Hull, among notable athletes who produced memorable cereal brands.

Tim Duncan: Slam Duncan O's (And Slam Duncans)

Twitter Tim Duncan: Slam Duncan O's (And Slam Duncans)

The new "Slam Duncan O's" hit stores on Jan. 16. A new commercial starring Duncan is said to accompany the release of the new cereal, created by H-E-B. The Spurs previewed the cereal to fans by air-dropping 200 samples at their game on Dec. 18. But this is not the first time Duncan has experimented with cereal. The five-time NBA champion released a cereal called "Slam Duncans" in the early 2000s donating a portion of the revenue to the Children's Shelter of San Antonio.

Rob Gronkowski: Gronk Flakes

Facebook Rob Gronkowski: Gronk Flakes

In 2012, Gronkowski released Gronk Flakes to Stop & Shop stores in the New England area. The Patriots star donated a portion of the proceeds to the "Gronk National Youth Foundation." The Gronkowski Brothers started the foundation in efforts to help youth stay actively involved in school and sports and to provide children with the tools necessary to live a happy and successful life.

Doug Flutie: Flutie Flakes

Twitter Doug Flutie: Flutie Flakes

In 1998, Flutie Flakes became a popular breakfast item for Bills fans. The cereal was such a hit that it followed Flutie to San Diego and appeared in "Everybody Loves Raymond." A large chunk of the profits was donated to the Doug Flutie Jr. Foundation for Autism. Flutie, now 54, has a son who has autism.

Anthony Rizzo: RizzOs

Twitter Anthony Rizzo: RizzOs

Fresh off the best season of his career in 2015, Rizzo released "RizzOs" in Chicago. The cereal supports the Anthony Rizzo Family Foundaiton, helping children with cancer.

Ryan Miller: Kick-Save Krunch

Flickr Ryan Miller: Kick-Save Krunch

Miller's "Kick Save Krunch" benefitted The Steadfast Foundation, a non-profit started by the NHL goaltender to support and provide resources to children fighting cancer and their families.

Justin Verlander: Fastball Flakes

Twitter Justin Verlander: Fastball Flakes

The flame-throwing right-handed pitcher released "Fastball Flakes," to Meijer locations in Michigan. All proceeds from the limited-edition frosted corn flakes benefitted Detroit's John D. Dingell VA Medical Center and Ann Arbor’s VA Healthcare System.

Peyton Manning: Peyton's O's

eBay Peyton Manning: Peyton's O's

"Peyton on a Sunday morning" started long before the Super Bowl 50 champion retired. Colts fans around Indianapolis are known to enjoy a bowl of vintage "Peyton-O's" before a full day of watching football.

Mario Williams: Marios

Amazon Mario Williams: Marios

Miller wasn't the only athlete with cereal on store shelves in Buffalo. Williams released "Marios" during his time with the Bills. Williams donated all of the proceeds to a Buffalo charity supporting children with cancer and their families.

Brett Hull (Hull-O's)

Twitter Brett Hull (Hull-O's)

Hull certainly left his mark on Dallas. The right wing scored his 1,000th career goal while playing for the Stars, scored the game-winning goal of the 1999 Stanley Cup Final and oh, gave the city a new favorite breakfast cereal.

Terrell Ownens: TO's

eBay Terrell Ownens: TO's

Cereal seems to be a big thing for athletes in Buffalo. While Terrell Owens's one season with the Bills in 2009 is mostly forgettable, cereal eaters will never forget the chance they had to purchase "TO's" during Owens' remarkable 2009 season with the Bills.

Randy Moss: Moss' Magic Crunch

Twitter Randy Moss: Moss' Magic Crunch

It seems Moss knew he would be a star from the beginning. After his 1998 Rookie of the Year season, Moss appeared on cereal boxes across the Twin Cities.

Chris Osgood: Championship Cereal

eBay Chris Osgood: Championship Cereal

Osgood knew a thing or two about playing for a champion. Shortly after the goalie returned to Detroit, his "Championship Cereal" became a staple for many fans. Osgood won three championships for Detroit, two in his first tour of duty and one in his second.

Steve Yzerman: Stevie's Stars

eBay Steve Yzerman: Stevie's Stars

The Red Wings were all over cereal boxes in the late '90s. Yzerman joined several teammates in the cereal aisle as "Steve’s Stars" occupied grocery stores in Michigan.

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