Shaquille O'Neal

Shaquille O'Neal has a lot of talents. He's been a basketball player, an actor, a rapper, a TV commentator, a police officer, an educator, a businessman and a professional wrestler, among other things.

And now, Shaq is dunking Oreos with his mind.

As part of the "Oreo Dunk Challenge," Shaq went head-to-head dunking cookies -- hands-free -- with fans in New York City's Chelsea Market on Wednesday. In this particular competition, Oreo used brain-computer interface software customized to track the concentration levels of participants wearing brain-sensing headbands. In other words, Shaq and his competition wore headsets that tracked levels of focus on the Oreo.

Naturally, I couldn't relax my mind as well as Shaq. He won and got to eat the Oreo.

Oh well. Next time I dunk an Oreo, I'll get Shaq. Or Neymar or Christina Aguilera, who are also part of the Oreo campaign.

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