Rickie Fowler is one of the most interesting men on tour. He's from Southern California, but went to college in Oklahoma and now lives in Florida. His attire pops, and his hairstyle is constantly changing.

At the Masters, we caught up with Fowler to direct 18 rapid fire questions at him, and while some of his answers are not surprising, some took us off guard.

ThePostGame: What is your favorite golf course?
FOWLER: Royal County Down.

TPG: What is your favorite hole at Augusta?

TPG: Who was your favorite golfer growing up?
FOWLER: Payne Stewart, Freddy Couples.

TPG: That's two.
FOWLER: It's a tie.

TPG: Who is the current player you admire most?
FOWLER: We got to go with the World No. 1 right now, Dustin Johnson.

TPG: If you could have any player's swing, who would it be?
FOWLER: Adam Scott.

TPG: Who is the most fun playing partner on Tour?
FOWLER: Most fun? I mean, can we list like 12?

TPG: Go ahead.
FOWLER: I got to put my boys: Justin, Jordan, Smylie. There's Jimmy. I love playing with Bubba. Some people don't. I love playing with Bubba. Tiger. Shoot, then there's Boo, there's Lumpy, Jason Bone. I can keep going on.

TPG: Everyone is going to be happy.
FOWLER: Yeah, we got a lot of happy people out there right now.

TPG: Who is the playing partner who makes you better?
FOWLER: I'm gonna go with Jimmy Walker. Him and I, I feel like kinda, we bounce a lot of things back and forth off each other and help each other out a lot.

TPG: What is your favorite tournament?
FOWLER: The Masters.

TPG: Who is your favorite golf broadcaster?

TPG: I appreciate that. What is the best shot you've ever hit?
FOWLER: Maybe I can answer that after this week.

TPG: What is your dream foursome?
FOWLER: Dream foursome right now, I would just go my dad, my sister and my grandpa. My grandma doesn't play much and my mom doesn't play much at all either.

TPG: What is your most common pre-round meal?
FOWLER: Breakfast or lunch? Morning or afternoon round, that depends. Morning would be some sort of eggs, omelet. Afternoon round, if I had the choice, it'd be chicken, rice and broccoli.

TPG: What is your favorite golf movie?
FOWLER: Caddyshack.

TPG: What is your favorite outfit you'veve ever played in?
FOWLER: I'm just gonna go with the all-orange cause everyone hated it. That was my own.

TPG: Who is the most interesting athlete you met at the Olympics?
FOWLER: I'm gonna go with my buddy, Sam Dorman.

TPG: If you could switch places with any athlete, who would it be?
FOWLER: I wouldn't mind getting behind the steering wheel. Lewis Hamilton.

TPG: Who is your favorite Oklahoma State athlete of all time?
FOWLER: I'm gonna go Barry Sanders.

TPG: Who is your No. 1 fan?
FOWLER: My No. 1 fan? Hopefully it's you after this.

Fowler spoke to ThePostGame on behalf of Mercedes-Benz. At the Masters, the company hosted a panel featuring Fowler and ESPN's Scott Van Pelt.

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