Reggie Bush

Many of those who supported the reason why Colin Kaepernick took a knee during the national anthem last season are concerned that his message is becoming overshadowed. Kaepernick's protest was to increase awareness of police brutality and unjust treatment of minorities.

But when NFL players protested in Week 3 of this season, it was largely in defiance of Donald Trump, who called them SOBs and demanded firings and suspensions. Free agent running back Reggie Bush made this point while being interviewed on Chelsea Handler's Netflix show.

"Now you see everybody taking a knee, so now he's got to be feeling like, 'Where was this at last year? Right? When I was taking a knee?'" Bush said in a segment that will be available for streaming Friday. "This past Sunday was obviously directed at Trump, so the translation of the meaning of why we're doing it got lost. Because this was directed at Trump, showing him, for one, you don't control us, and the people have the power, right?"

Bush was a guest along with DeRay Mckesson, a civil rights activist.