Le'Veon Bell

Suppose the NFL solicited a drug test from a player with a known substance abuse history on April 20, a day made famous as an unofficial holiday for pot enthusiasts everywhere.

Would you call that a "random" drug test, a product of pure coincidence? No, you would not. And neither is Le'Veon Bell, the lucky man hit up by the league Wednesday.

Bell has had problems with marijuana before -- he was suspended for two games in 2015 for violating the league's substance-abuse policy after a 2014 arrest for DUI and marijuana possession.

The NFL's agreement with the Players' Association does allow for random drug testing -- but the timing of Bell's test seems just a little too perfect.

The good news for Pittsburgh Steelers fans is that Bell promises the test will come back clean:

Per league rules, Wednesday was also the first day the league could start drug-testing players this offseason. So maybe the league was just chomping at the bit to submit Bell to a test.

But let's be honest: The league overlords probably had 4/20 circled on their calendars.

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