O.J. Simpson

In the FX miniseries, "The People vs. O.J. Simpson," a statue of Simpson erected at his mansion makes several appearances throughout the show's 10 episodes. It looms in the background as a reminder of Simpson's fame and popularity before his famous murder trial.

That statue wasn't creative license by the show's creators -- Simpson really did own a statue of himself, and it sat in his backyard in Brentwood, California.

But now it's in the hands of someone else: Flavor Flav.

Flav shared a picture with the statue on Twitter, teasing that the miniseries producers ...

"Shoulda had this on tha show /
The real one."

According to TMZ, Flav received the statue as a gift from a radio jockey, who bought it at auction in 1999.

The price: $3,250.

Most amazing, though, is that Flav once tried to give the statue back to Simpson. Simpson declined to take it, per TMZ: "If I did they would just take it away again."

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