Iggy Azalea

Think Nick Young's in hot water? Judge for yourself. Late Tuesday night, news broke that the Lakers guard's teammate, rookie D'Angelo Russell, recorded secret video of Young talking about the women he hooks up with -- behind his fiancee's back.

Young is engaged to rapper Iggy Azalea. Russell has taken a lot of heat for his act of deception, especially from his teammates, who are currently shunning him at team activities. But Azalea tweeted late Tuesday to offer a sort-of thanks to the embattled rookie.

In case you can't read subtext, it sounds like Young is in the doghouse with Iggy. Russell, meanwhile, doesn't have it any easier: According to ESPN, Russell was forced to eat alone at a team breakfast. At another point, Russell took a seat next to Lou Williams, who immediately stood up and walked away.

An unnamed source told ESPN's Ramona Shelburne: "It's about as bad as it can get."

Exactly how bad? The Lakers have given Russell extra security.

Of course, this isn't new ground for the Lakers. In 2004, Kobe Bryant took similar measures: He suggested that Shaquille O'Neal routinely cheated on his wife and gave the women $1 million "for situations like this."

O'Neal dismissed Bryant's claim, which was put forth during a police interview related to his 2004 investigation for rape in Colorado. Bryant was trying to position himself as a squeaky-clean, women-respecting man. At any rate, his claims were never validated, though it did nothing to ease the strained relationship between Kobe and Shaq.

Now Bryant is watching two far lesser players engage in a similar act of sabotage, which comes just weeks from the end of Bryant's career, and just after a record-tying 48-point loss to the Utah Jazz.

Retirement never looked so good.

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