Leah Still

After sharing the news that her 5-year-old daughter is now cancer-free, Devon Still has continued to use social media as a platform for updating the public on his daughter's life.

From the looks of it, this Christmas is going to be a happy one. Not only is Leah Still enjoying her first holiday season since 2013 free of cancer, but she's also got some incredible gifts waiting for her under the tree.

Exhibit A: Her dad pulled some strings with a certain LeBron James and managed to snag her a certain autographed jersey.

"Santa can take credit for all the other gifts under the tree but this gift right here is going to have FROM DAD in all capital letters so she know it’s from me," Still writes. "Santa cool and all but I need the love that's going to come from her opening this lol…good look @kingjames for getting this done for me."

Leah Still met James last year, when she was busy battling cancer and simultaneously serving as an inspiration to countless others across the country. After meeting him, she also used Instagram to wish him good luck in the NBA Finals:

It'll be a Merry Christmas in the Still house this year. Just don't credit Santa, because Dad worked really hard to get that jersey.

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