Ohio State cornerback Eli Apple might have to talk some trash to his mom if she starts crying when his name gets called at the NFL draft. The two have a $50 bet on whether Annie Apple will break into tears at the big moment. It is all part of their fun-loving relationship that includes plenty of needling.

Eli Apple

Consider this exchange during an interview with ThePostGame at the P&G VIP Style Lounge in Chicago in advance of the draft:

Eli says Annie has embarrassed him plenty of times, but adds, "That's cool. That's what parents are there for."

To which Annie responds: "Once you get stretch marks and gain 20 pounds from childbirth you're allowed to say whatever you want."

Later in the interview, Annie calls Eli a "football nerd" and that "it's a joy to insult him as often as I can."

For more of Annie's "hope and humor," check out her out on Twitter @SurvivinAmerica and her blog.

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