Yogi Ferrell's Sisters

The rest of us are busy revering the incredible players and performances in this year's March Madness tournament. But Yogi Ferrell's sisters are here to remind us that are heroes are not always who we think they are.

To some, the Indiana star is inching the Hoosiers program closer to greatness with his strong leadership and impressive play. But to his siblings, he's just annoying. And on college basketball's biggest stage, they printed their own shirts to make sure you know it.

One of the best sideshows of the first weekend of play was seeing Ferrell's sisters hamming it up in the stands: Clowning their brother and celebrating as he led his team into the Sweet 16. We're all winners in that regard, because it gives us hope that these girls will bring an even stronger game when it comes to keeping their brother humble.

During last week's broadcast, the March Madness broadcast caught up with the sisters to find out more about the custom shirts:

Kelsey and Khloe are 17 and 14, so you can be pretty sure they admire Yogi as much as the rest of us -- maybe even more. But they're both uniquely qualified to make sure Yogi doesn't get too big a head.

For all the teasing, though, it does seem like the Ferrell family has a good time together.

Indiana resumes play Friday against North Carolina. Let's just hope the Ferrell sisters have another ace up their sleeves.

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