Michael Phelps

America's favorite son for yet another Olympics has returned stateside. But Michael Phelps wasn't quite in the mood to be interviewed when a local TV news crew served as his welcoming committee at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport.

Asked by a reporter from 3TV Phoenix if he is happy to return, the 28-time Olympic medalist said, "It feels good to be home."

But as the reporter continued to pursue, Phelps turned to him and said: "I am not going to answer any questions, guys. If you could give me that space while I'm trying to get my family home and safe, I would appreciate that.

"If you guys want to do an interview, contact my agency. I appreciate you guys coming, but I'm trying to get my family home safe and that's what matters the most."

Phelps, fiancee Nicole Johnson and son Boomer then walked away without further disturbance.

This is quite a different scene than Katie Ledecky's humble and appreciative response to the hero's welcome she received at Dulles Airport in Virginia earlier this week. But perhaps there were differences in circumstances: Was Ledecky aware that she had a big crowd waiting for her while Phelps may have felt ambushed?

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Phelps, who came out of retirement to compete in Rio, won five gold medals and a silver. His 23 gold medals are more than double the total amassed by any other Olympian.

Phelps, now retired once more, will have plenty of time for rest and relaxation outside of the media limelight.

On the other hand, teammate Ryan Lochte still has some explaining to do ...

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