Michael Phelps wears a pink Under Armour polo shirt with khaki shorts and sandals. His hair is neatly combed. He's hitting balls on the driving range at The Golf Club at Chelsea Piers in New York City. He just got a photo from wife Nicole of 1-year-old son Boomer back home, sprawled out like Superman on the couple's bed.

Dad swag is in full effect.

This is the new, retired Phelps. After winning 28 medals -- 23 gold -- over five Olympics, Phelps is moving on. He insists he's really done this time. At 31, Phelps is taking his profile and influence from swimming into the business world.

"My day is probably busier now than it was when I was competing," Phelps says. "We're on the road probably 10 to 20 days a month, going from one city to the next.

"I think for me the biggest thing is I have to stay busy. I have to. If I don't, I'll just lose my mind. Now, the biggest thing is really making that transition from staring at a black line for four hours a day to trying to work in the real world and trying to work in the business world."

Phelps continues promoting brands, including Under Armour and Krave, a jerky company that brought him to New York for the Chelsea Piers golf session. But he also directs two of his own entities that require a chunk of his time: the Michael Phelps Foundation, and his swimsuit company, MP, founded in February 2015 by Phelps and his long-time coach, Bob Bowman.

"Starting with the foundation, you have over 15,000 kids being water-safe, but I feel like that's something I'm allowed to be greedy with," Phelps says. "I feel like that should be hundreds of thousands and potentially millions. I have very high goals there.

"I think MP is the best. And it was the first time I was able to actually design a suit and build it, hands-on with every product that we've made. That was the first time in my swimming career I've ever been allowed to have input, so I think that was something that was really special and now, they're trying to make some small changes on different things to make it the best suit. And like I said, I think it is. We have the best goggles, the best caps in the world. Now, it's just having other people think and try the suits."

Phelps apparently put his gear to the true test last week in South Africa. According to a press release from the Discovery Channel, Phelps is about to "take on" a shark on TV. While it is unclear what that entails, one could suggest the most-decorated modern Olympian is about to race a shark.

"We were down there for about a week," Phelps says. "That one was fun, doing some stuff with Shark Week and for me, sharks are like my No. 1 favorite animal in the world, so being able to see them face-to-face was pretty cool."

In New York, Phelps introduced Krave's newest jerky flavors, honey habanero chicken and pink peppercorn beef. Considering Phelps' passion for golf (he recently told ThePostGame he would rather see Boomer lead the Masters on Sunday than lead a swimming race), the Chelsea Piers golf range was a prime location to shoot some clips with the brand.

Along with golfing, Phelps says family time is at the forefront of his new life. He and Nicole married in secret last summer. Phelps has gotten Boomer in the pool, but when he is with his son, he mostly just chills.

For nearly two decades, Phelps was known for being dominant in one field. Now, he is moving into a new life with a new team around him.

"I've been a very goal-oriented person and I have a lot of things I'd like to accomplish over just the rest of my life, so it's now just finding that way to get those done on land instead of in the pool," he says. "I used to just set times that I wanted to hit and then I'd go and swim a bunch of miles. Now, it's trying to translate it into the real world."

Luckily for Phelps, this part is not a sprint. He has time to figure it all out.

For what it's worth, he's given himself a comfortable headstart.

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