When we asked Cowboys icon Michael Irvin which athlete, past or present, would make a great U.S. president, he vouched for his old quarterback Troy Aikman. Then Irvin started talking about Donald Trump.

"I thought I had no chance at being a president, but Donald Trump is making me change my mind," Irvin said. "'Michael Irvin For President' pretty soon here, if Trump's getting this close, man. I get up there and give some sermonic speeches and get everybody riled up -- bam! I may have a chance!"

We then suggested to Irvin that he would fare much better than Trump among black voters. (Last month, Trump was polling at 0 percent with black voters in Pennsylvania and Ohio.) Showing good political instincts, Irvin responded with a friendly no-comment.

"I'm going to leave that alone right there," Irvin said. "Hahahahaha. Hey, Trump's a good man. I like Trump. He's a friend of mine."

Irvin was among the stars participating in the fight against cancer at the Harold & Carole Pump Foundation's 16th annual celebrity dinner in Beverly Hills.

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