According to the American Gaming Industry, $10 billion will be wagered on March Madness this year. Unless Jay Bilas is fronting a few billion dollars, most of that money will likely be coming from individuals who are not experts in college basketball. 

The easy route to take is to throw money at upsets. Maybe one of them will hit, right? Well, maybe you should rethink a different strategy. Upsets are rare and it's even more rare for fans to pick an upset that actually happens. The odds are stacked against you and more likely than not, you will ruin your bracket with too many upsets.

If you really want to win your pool, don't take as many upsets. Take a more conservative approach with favorites going deep in the tournament. In this way, if you just make slightly better picks than your competitors, you can sneak by for a victory. After all, for most pools, later rounds count for more points anyway.

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