LeBron James

LeBron JamesLeBron James is the aspirational type. While he's enjoying a basketball-free summer and basking in the glow of his most recent Larry O'Brien trophy, he's also dishing on his plans for the future -- including plans after he's done playing ball.

In an interview with Uninterrupted, which is also James' debut appearance on a podcast, the Cavaliers star talked about an important long-term goal of his: Transitioning from NBA player to owner.

"My dream is to actually own a team," James says. "I don't need to [be] fully hands-on. If I'm fortunate enough to own a team, then I'm going to hire the best GM and president that I can.

"But I feel like I got a good eye for not only talent, because we all see a lot of talent, but the things that make the talent. The chemistry, what type of guy he is, his work ethic, his passion, the basketball IQ side of things. Because talent only goes so far."

You can listen to the full interview here:

James does make a good case for himself. The more important question: Will Dan Gilbert be willing to put the Cavs on the market?

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