LeBron James, Kyrie Irving

The ability to flip a water bottle and land it upright is now one of the most honorable skills in American culture. We have Mike Senatore to thank for that. Last May, as a high school senior in Charlotte, Senatore succeeded in >talent show water bottle flipthat went viral. The legend has since moved on to the University of South Carolina.

But his flip is still relevant, as shown by the Cleveland Cavaliers last night. With the Cavs shredding the Knicks late in the fourth quarter, LeBron James and Kyrie Irving kept the bench entertained by attempting their own flips.

Now, before you call this a classless act by the Cavs, remember Phil Jackson referred to LeBron James' entourage as his "posse" recently.

Anyway, it was Irving who finally landed the water bottle correctly.

The Cavs won the actual game, 126-94.

Rough night for the Knicks.

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