LaDainian Tomlinson became enshrined in Canton this summer, along with Terrell Davis, Kenny Easley, Jerry Jones, Jason Taylor and Kurt Warner. While LT had the chance to exchange words with much of the NFL elite, one interaction from his weekend at the Pro Football Hall of Fame stood out more than the others.

"Having Jim Brown come sit right next to me and say, 'Once you get here, we're all equal,'" Tomlinson recalls. "I mean to hear that come from Jim Brown, that was pretty special."

How does one respond to something like that?

"I said, 'I appreciate that, but with all due respect, we're not equal. You're Jim Brown, the greatest football player ever,'" Tomlinson laughs.

Tomlinson spoke to the ThePostGame in September in New York City on behalf of FedEx. Tomlinson is a spokesperson for the FedEx Air & Ground NFL program. Each week, fans can vote on the best quarterback and running back of the week at FedEx makes a $2,000 donation to the USO in each recipient's name each week of the regular season ($4,000 per week).

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