Kris Dunn

Former Providence point guard Kris Dunn took four years to get into the draft pool. He averaged 5.7 points as a freshman and had to redshirt after four games of his second season due to shoulder surgery. It was not until his redshirt sophomore and redshirt junior year that Dunn erupted, winning back-to-back Big East Player of the Year Awards. The 22-year-old 6-4 floor general, who draws comparisons to John Wall, is expected to be a high lottery pick. ThePostGame caught up with Dunn a few days before the draft.

ThePostGame: Are you relaxed?
Kris Dunn: I'm actually good. I'm in a great space. I've had my family with me throughout this process. I've met a lot of great guys in the NBA and also in the draft process. It's been pretty fun.

Kris Dunn

TPG: Have you gotten weirder questions from scouts or reporters so far?
DUNN: Probably reporters.

TPG: What's the weirdest question you've gotten so far?
DUNN: What are your favorite socks?

TPG: What's the answer?
DUNN: Stance.

TPG: That's a good NBA answer already. ... You mentioned you've met a lot of guys along the way. Who are the guys you've gotten closest with in this process?
DUNN: Mostly the guys I worked out with in L.A. Jakob Poeltl, Alex Poythress, Brandon Austin, Tyler Ulis, Ron Baker, all those guys. Through the process, I got to be with Chris Paul. He gave me a lot of great advice, especially for my position. He's one of the best point guards to ever play this game, in my opinion. And just to have him giving advice is pretty cool.

What is some of that advice he gave you?
DUNN: Just to learn the business of the NBA, to learn as much as you can throughout your years. Learn how to be a leader on and off the court.

TPG: What'd you learn from those peers you trained with?
DUNN: I think we're all learning together. Don MacLean, our trainer in LA, he's really good with us. He basically tried to teach us the game, what to expect in the NBA and how to be ready and how to be prepared and how to treat it like a business.

TPG: What NBA player would you compare your game to?
DUNN: Most people say John Wall. I can definitely see it. The height, the speed and the athleticism. We can defend on the ball and both play the pick and roll well, so I can kind of see it.

TPG: What player did you grow up admiring?
DUNN: Kobe Bryant. I just loved his mentality, never willing to back down from somebody and his competitive spirit, always trying to win, in practice or in a game. I had the opportunity to watch his last game before he retired, and I thought it was one of the best games I got to see this year because it's who Kobe Bryant was, and I'm glad he got to out with a win.

Kris Dunn Jumper

TPG: Does it feel like you missed out, getting into the league one year after he retired?
DUNN: Yeah, definitely. He does so much for the NBA. He's a great player. I'd love to try to guard him. I have memories about a lot of his games.

TPG: Who did you grow up rooting for?
DUNN: The Lakers because of Kobe, but I'm right down the road from the Celtics, so ...

TPG: How good is Ben Bentil?
DUNN: I think Ben is going to be a phenomenal player. He did so much for us at Providence the last two years. He's probably one of the hardest workers I've ever met. I think everyone can see from his freshman year to his sophomore year, how much he improved. He's a great person off the court. He's one of my brothers. He's always going to be my brother.

TPG: Do you think he's being underrated in this draft?
DUNN: Definitely. Just because I know how hard he works. The time that he put in and the effort that he puts in, he should be a first round pick.

TPG: What NBA player are you looking forward to guarding?
DUNN: I want to guard everybody because there's so many great players in the NBA. I just want to see my game against them and what I need to improve on.

Dunn spoke to ThePostGame from Educational Alliance Boys & Girls Clubs in New York City, where he, prospect Jakob Poeltl and NBA All-Star Chris Paul attended the unveiling of NYC Assist, a state-of-the-art mobile teen learning center, established by State Farm, NBA Cares and the Chris Paul Family Foundation.

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