Kevin Shattenkirk grew up a Rangers fan, and this past summer, hoopla accompanied the 28-year-old defenseman's return to New York. But Shattenkirk, who was born and raised in New Rochelle, wasn't just a hockey fan. He also grew up rooting for the Mets.

After the NHL Winter Classic at Citi Field on Monday -- the Rangers beat the Sabres 3-2 -- Shattenkirk was asked for his favorite Mets moment. Let's just say this: He hesitated. A reporter joked, "There's not too many."

Shattenkirk did end up giving a former Mets catcher a shoutout: "I was a huge Mike Piazza fan, so really any time he hit a home run -- and he hit a lot of them -- those were probably my greatest Mets moments."

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