Ahmad Bradshaw has a signature play -- which allegedly happened by accident. In Super Bowl XLVI, with the Patriots leading 17-15, the Giants set up first-and-goal on New England's 7-yard line. Bradshaw rushed for one yard, and the Patriots called their second timeout with 1:04 left in the fourth quarter.

As long as the Giants stayed out of the end zone, they could set up a chip-shot field goal for Lawrence Tynes to a take one-point lead while working the clock to leave New England roughly just 20 seconds to set up a field goal of its own. Understanding this scenario, Bill Belichick instructed the Patriots to stop playing defense on second down, so they could get the ball back with more time on the clock, giving Bradshaw a clear path to the end zone.

Bradshaw, apparently recognizing the situation too late, tried to stop his momentum at the 1-yard line, but fell into the end zone on his backside with 57 seconds Tuck, a defensive end on that Super Bowl team, isn't buying Bradshaw's innocence.

"I think he did it on purpose," Tuck says. "I think he thought it was gonna be a really, really good photo opportunity. I'm sure he has that photo blown up big in his house somewhere. You don't want to laugh, but we almost laughed like, 'Really bro?'"

Tuck sacked Tom Brady on the final drive, which reached the Patriots' 49-yard line. It was one of two sacks in this game for Tuck after also getting two on the New England quarterback in Super Bowl XLII. 

Tuck spoke to ThePostGame earlier this season on behalf of DraftKings.

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