John Cena

Saturday Night Live had a first-time host this past weekend.


The professional wrestler, rapper, actor, reality TV star, talk show host and general Renaissance Man took on a heavy workload at Studio 8H.

During Cena's opening monologue, he attempted to sing a Christmas song, but instead, he was interrupted by Bobby Moynihan, Leslie Jones and Kenan Thompson, all trying to wrestle him. Cena's "The Time Is Now" can be heard multiple times.

In terms of skits, Cena, with his humongous frame, mocked both the NFL and college football. Cena depicted Rob Gronkowski on a game show called, "Where'd Your Money Go?"

For the record, Gronkowski said in 2015 he had not spent a dime of his NFL salary.

On the college football end, Cena portrayed an Alabama football player getting special academic treatment in order to play in the College Football Playoff against Washington.

Cena played a bully in a Karate Kid parody.

He pretended to be a police officer in "Dyke & Fats Save Christmas." 

Cena portrayed "Hook a Hunk" host Ryan Mack, who falls for the show's contestant.

He played an erotic bookstore employee.

Cena brought his owl on a talent show program.

He attended an office Christmas party.

And Cena played President-elect Donald Trump in a digital short, "Through Donald's Eyes."

Not bad.

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