A lot of guys have lower back and lower ab issues. These areas are not easy to hit, and it's also hard to see results over time. But they're important muscle groups to target, largely because they help stabilize your body and keep you in shape.

One exercise that target both effectively: the dead bug. (Yes, it looks just like it sounds.) The dead bug is a fantastic exercise to target the lower abs and back, and as trainer and author Joey Thurman shows us in the above video, adding a stability ball adds a whole new level of difficulty to the exercise.

"Here's the best exercise you're not doing," Thurman says. "You might have heard of the dead bug before, but this is the stability ball dead bug."

Start on your back with the ball over your body, with your right knee and forearms holding the ball in place. You're probably already starting to feel the burn at this point. "I'm driving through the forearms and through the knees to squeeze this ball," says Thurman.

Now start moving.

"We're going to extend our opposite leg out and opposite arm. Exhale up like you're blowing out birthday candles," Thurman says.

Move that way for 15 reps on each side, and you'll start sculpting a powerful lower back and chiseled lower abs.

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