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Joe Montana

Joe Montana has had a love for golf since high school when he started to caddy at his local country club for some extra money. After retiring from the NFL, Montana has followed golf even more closely and has come to appreciate the intricacies of the game.

Now Montana is helping FanDuel promote its latest endeavor: daily fantasy golf.

The four-time Super Bowl champion described it as a perfect partnership, because he had already invested in FanDuel through his investment company, Liquid 2 Ventures.

"Golf is just their next product, so it's a really good fit," Montana said.

As part of FanDuel's promotional efforts, Montana showed off some of his golf skills with a trick shot from a rooftop in Rockefeller Center. 

FanDuel's daily fantasy golf started last week with the John Deere Classic. Fans can compete against Montana's lineup for the first few weeks.

Montana says works with his investment company takes a lot of his time -- "We try to stay out of the way, but they're always looking for help" -- but he still keeps an eye on the NFL. One of the intriguing storylines has been the Rams and Chargers moving to Los Angeles.

"I think it's great," Montana says. "L.A. has been yearning for [a team] for a long time. Two teams all at once I'm not sure, but we'll see what happens. The Raiders have been down there once before, so I think it's a good market for a team."

The Raiders are moving to Las Vegas in the next couple years. Montana mentioned how Oakland fans followed their team to Los Angeles before and that they would likely follow them again. He also mentioned that corporations and casinos would likely buy out many of the boxes the new stadium will offer.