Jerome Bettis and Fred Funk are used to driving things, although usually those things are opposing defenders and golf balls., Bettis, a 45-year-old Pro Football Hall of Famer, and Funk, a 60-year-old PGA Tour Champions participant, are driving around the country together as part of Stryker's "Road Trip to a Healthier Lifestyle" campaign.

Bettis' body took the beating of the NFL for 13 seasons. Funk had a knee replacement in 2009. In the first episode of the series, released on Stryker's website Wednesday, they bond over such activities as beach yoga, spin class and eating healthy foods.

"Jerome and I are like brothers from another mother," Funk says. "We have a ball together. Everybody would love Jerome. He's a blast."

Bettis giggles.

"He's a piece of work," Bettis says. "From the minute I met him, it felt like we knew each other."

Bettis and Funk's "road trip" will take them to a number of cities across the country. The first episode takes place in Miami. Another will be in DallasSomewhere along the way, they hit a driving range, and it did not go as Funk planned.

"I challenged him to a long drive and I can't say I won," Funk laughs. "It was pretty much, at best a draw. Jerome's really good. I didn't know he was that good. Nobody told me he was that good. I think he got me."

Bettis is much younger, so even if he did not play professional golf, his body is a bit fresher than Funk's. But Funk is still more fundamentally sound.

"I didn't say his swing was good," Funk says. "He's good where he needs to be, and that's hitting the golf ball. You wouldn't say Jim Furyk's swing is good, but he's really good."

Bettis calls golf a "vehicle to the message" of living a healthier lifestyle. Most of the exercising that Bettis and Funk engage in are not related to football or golf but show how non-professional athletes can include such healthy activities into everyday life.

"There was no way I'm getting on a football field with Jerome Bettis, but I'll get on a golf course with him," Funk says. "We're trying to alleviate pain, not create pain."

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