Jemele Hill and Michael Smith's history together goes back to 2002. It was then, while Hill worked for the Detroit Free Press and Smith for The Boston Globe, the two became friends. In Pardon the Interruption-esque form, Hill and Smith's off-air banter earned them a spot on TV together.

"We knew that based off some of the conversations we'd had as friends, we would have really good chemistry together on TV," Hill says. "It doesn't always work that way because sometimes, you're really good friends, even if they are in the business, but that doesn't mean that's gonna translate to television. We were fortunate because ours did. A lot of the things that people see on air, we're no different, we just don't swear as much.

"We talk about a lot of the things that we talk about on air. We just may talk about them in details and again, it just may be more f-words involved. We argue -- part of how we sometimes decide our level of passion or interest in a topic is based off some of the things that we discuss outside of the studio."

Hill and Smith started the His & Hers podcast in 2011. They later teamed on Numbers Never Lie, which transition into a His & Hers TV edition. They currently co-host the 6 p.m. SportsCenter, also known as SC6 and unofficially, "The Six." 

Hill spoke to ThePostGame on June 27 at Hashtag Sports in New York City, where she spoke on a panel, "The Evolution of SportsCenter," which also included ESPN VP of Audience Development Nate Ravitz, ESPN VP of Content Strategy Michael Shiffman and Yahoo! writer Daniel Roberts.

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