Jared Allen spent more than a decade tormenting NFL quarterbacks. But it turns out not all his success was made with brute force. He used words as well.

Allen says quarterbacks would "absolutely" trash talk him and he wouldn't hold back returning fire.

"It was situational, a lot of stuff that you can't even repeat," he says. "A lot of times you would just want to let them know that they're a failure. It's not nice, it's bullying, but if you could get in a guy's head, why not?

"Just that sheer sense of disappointment, like, 'You're on the ground, you're letting your team down. You should be better.'"

Allen is No. 11 on the all-time sacks list with 136, which he accumulated with the Chiefs, Vikings, Bears and Panthers.

He made his presence felt across the league, but especially in the AFC West and NFC North.

"Philip Rivers, Jay Cutler, they used to run their mouths all the time," he says. "Aaron Rodgers, we'd have some good back and forth.

"It's not really stuff that you remember. It gets feisty, you stay dumb stuff to each other, you laugh about it. They tell me I'm worthless, I tell them they suck, all that good stuff."

As for offensive lineman, Allen says Donald Penn talked the most trash to Allen at the goal line.

Allen spoke to ThePostGame on Super Bowl Radio Row in February on behalf of Procter & Gamble products such as Mr. Clean and Febreze available on Amazon.com. His appearance was part of the #BathroomBlitz campaign, encouraging fans to clean their bathrooms for Super Bowl parties.

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