Sadako vs. Kayako, The Ring, The Grudge

Are you ready to see the scariest first pitch of all-time? Seriously.

Good luck:

American moviegoers may not know The Ring and The Grudge are actually remakes of Japanese films. Sadako Yamamura and Kayako Saeki, the two ghosts in the films, are coming together in a new Japanese horror movie called Sadako vs. Kayako. The film releases June 18, so the pair chose to promote the movie before a Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters Pacific League game.

In the makeshift scene, cheerleaders are scared off the field by the ghosts. Kayako then rips a pitch from Sadako down the third base line while Toshio (from The Grudge, or Ju-on in Japan), watches.

This is not a normal occurrence at MLB games, but there could be potential here. How about instead of horror movies, we use comedies? Imagine Andy Samberg and The Lonely Island promoting Pop Star by choreographing a first pitch. It could happen.

If you're wanting to see Sadako vs. Kayako, this is what you will get yourself into:

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