Jimmy Goldstein apologizes. His tennis court, which offers views from downtown to the ocean, is unavailable today. It is the venue for two parties that Goldstein will host this weekend when the NBA All-Star festivities hit Los Angeles, and workers are busy attaching pipes, poles and tenting material. And speaking of parties, on the level directly below the court, Goldstein has built his own nightclub (Club James, of course), and Rihanna's birthday celebration is among its more notable events.

Welcome to the home of the NBA's biggest fan.

Goldstein says he has attended every NBA Finals game for more than 20 years -- except one. A ground delay to a Southwest flight to Oakland prompted Goldstein to scramble off the plane, hop into his 1961 Rolls Royce convertible and drive back to his house in Beverly Hills in time to catch the game on TV.

Yes, he flies Southwest. Goldstein prefers to devote his budget to the games themselves. In addition to season tickets for the Clippers and Lakers, Goldstein hits the road for all four rounds of the playoffs. He estimates spending $500,000 a year on tickets and made headlines in 2016 by paying $12,500 for a courtside seat to Game 2 of the Cavaliers-Warriors series.

Goldstein's presence at courtside is all the more noticeable, thanks to his style sensibility. For example, on the day that he invited ThePostGame for a tour of his house, Goldstein wears a jacket valued at $25,000. His business card simply says, "Fashion. Architecture. Basketball."

Here is another way to illustrate just how much of an original Goldstein is: How many people do you know who go to Moscow on a regular basis for fashion events, bequeath their home (immortalized in scenes of "The Big Lebowski") and car to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and love geeking out on the intricacies of basketball with Hubie Brown?

Check out the video above as Goldstein gives our David Katz a personal tour of the property.