Jarrius Robertson, Sean Payton

On Sundays, NFL teams use every competitive advantage possible. The Saints have found a unique inspirational trash-talking cheerleader in superfan Jarrius Robertson.

It started with a hospital visit. Last December, Saints players met Jarrius, now 14, at Ochsner Hospital for Children in New Orleans. Jarrius suffers from biliary atresia, a chronic liver disease in which one or more bile ducts are abnormally narrow, blocked or absent. Due to the disease, Jarrius has only grown to about waist-high when next to an average adult.

But the Saints were so engrossed by Jarrius' enthusiasm for the team, they invited him to practice and a game late in the 2015 season. During the summer, Jarrius was back with the team, pumping them up at training camp. He was officially named the Saints' "hype man" for 2016 home games.

This past weekend, Jarrius set up a Twitter account and documented the Saints' 41-38 victory against the Panthers. Here are the highlights:

Jarrius premiered his account with a Throwback Thursday photo alongside Drew Brees:

He followed with a Flashback Friday video chatting with Marques Colston:

Before the game Sunday, Jarrius hung out with ABC New Orleans reporter Meghan Kluth:

He took a selfie with his brother and Pikachu:

He dished some last-minute advice to Sean Payton:

Then he talked to trash to Cam Newton and the Panthers:

And took a photo with the Saintsations cheerleaders:

He snatched ESPN's Jeff Darlington's microphone:

And dabbed. That's right, he dabbed in front of Cam Newton and the Panthers:

He told Saints punter Thomas Morstead, who invited him to the 2015 game, to land all punts on the 1-yard line:

And danced with jersey-mate Mark Ingram:

The Saints won the game, and Jarrius had a blast:

In Jarrius' most viral video of the day, he tells Devin Funchess, who had a touchdown for the Panthers, not to dance in his end zone.

Twitter is a more interesting place this week with Jarrius Robertson on board.

According to the Saints' website, Jarrius' next big performance will be Tuesday on Good Morning America. Jarrius and father Jordy will be in-studio in New York for an interview, while Sean Payton, Drew Brees and Cam Jordan will be live from the team's practice facility back in Louisiana.

Jarrius also has a Facebook account.

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