It’s Super Bowl Party Week here in Dallas, and with temperatures hovering near mild to comfortable for penguins, party planners are in full scramble mode.

How cold is it here? Let’s just say you could win the lottery, a Nobel Prize and a date with Mila Kunis, all in one day, and you’d still be more excited just to get indoors.

But the show, or shows, must go on. There’s the Sports Illustrated Official Black Eyed Peas Party, P. Diddy Fantasy Party by XXL Magazine, Maxim, Playboy, ESPN the Magazine, GQ, EA Sports and a lot more. Of course there’s the perennial Commissioner’s Party and the Taste of the NFL. There are also parties thrown by players. The competition for celebrity attendance is fierce.

Steve Webster runs CMPR, a public relations company out of El Segundo, Calif. He’s been promoting Super Bowl parties for 5 years and this year is handling the guest lists and media coverage of the Black Eyed Peas and P. Diddy bashes. They’re also assisting at ESPN the Magazine.

“A lot of athletes will confirm for all the lists, and then you just have to hope that your party is the one they show up to,” Webster said. “The more celebs that come down the red carpet, the more press it gets.”

Webster says his company has had to turn down over 200 celebrities for the Black Eyed Peas and over 100 for P. Diddy this year. Over 550 celebs have confirmed.

“The biggest challenge working Super Bowl parties is logistics. We’re scrambling with the weather to move red carpets and celebrity registration indoors.”

Stacey Wechsler works for Hired Gun Publicity & Consulting of New York. They’re handling ESPN the Magazine’s shindig.

“This party is like my Oscars,” Wechsler said. “You want your event to stand out from the others so location and venue is the first part of the puzzle. “Followed by locking in musical performers, deejays and the right mix of talent to make the party.”

Wechsler isn’t too fazed by the freezing weather here in Dallas.

“Last year we had a hurricane during our event so we had huge umbrellas for the red carpet. Whatever your blooper is you make it work.”