Greg Olsen just wrapped up his 11th season in the NFL. He is one of the wisest men in the world in his field -- at tight end.

So Olsen is an educated voice in analyzing the two Super Bowl tight ends, Rob Gronkowski and Zach Ertz. Olsen will be a guest analyst for ESPN's NFL Countdown Show on Super Bowl Sunday, but before that, he gave ThePostGame a scouting report on Gronkowski and Ertz.

"I think they're very different," Olsen says. "What they're asked to do within their offenses, it's very hard to compare guys just truly apples to apples because guys are asked to do different things. they fit differently, there's different schemes. I think they're very different players. Rob obviously is a big, physical guy. He uses his body really well. He creates a lot of big chunk plays down the field. Him and Brady have been doing this at a high level as good as anyone has ever done it for a long time now.

"I think a guy like Ertz is a bit more of a versatile, can move around, almost a little bit more of a wide receiver-type body. But again, very dynamic, very athletic, and really a guy that has been a guy that people have really counted on to have this kind of a year since he came out of Stanford. And he's always been very talented and I think now finally with Doug Pederson's offense, and obviously with Wentz early and now Foles, he's really had the year that everyone knows he could have. I've always been a fan of both of them from afar for years and I think it's cool for this game to be highlighted with two of the best pass-catching tight ends, two of the best overall tight ends in the game."

Olsen might as well be a tight end politician. Considering he is still playing, he is trying not to play favorites with his constituents.

But who is the better blocker?

"Again, I think it's what you're asked to do. In the zone scheme of the Patriots, I think they ask Rob to do a lot. Obviously, he's a big body, a big strong guy, but Ertz can get in there. They have Celek do a little bit more of the 'point of attack' stuff, and that allows Ertz to be a little bit more of the 'move guy.' So, again, different types of stuff. Ertz is in the backfield more, Rob can get up on the line of scrimmage. Again, different offenses, different styles of play individually, not everyone is asked to do at the exact same thing."

Thank you for that lesson, Professor Olsen.

Olsen spoke to ThePostGame on behalf of Coca-Cola, one of Olsen's common partners in his charity work. Olsen's work in the community, especially with HEARTest Yard Fund, which he and wife Kara founded after their son, T.J., was diagnosed with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome, has made him a finalist for the Walter Payton Man of the Year Award, which will be announced Saturday night.

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