Terrell Davis graduated from Georgia almost 23 years ago, but during the past few weeks, he felt like a rowdy college kid again. The 2017 Pro Football Hall of Fame inductee was on the sidelines for both the Rose Bowl and the National Championship Game, cheering on his alma mater as it tried to claim its first national championship in 37 years. After a double-overtime victory against Oklahoma in Pasadena, the Bulldogs fell short against Alabama in Atlanta. But for Davis, the ride was a blast, and he got to see Georgia's two-headed running-back monster two more times.

ThePostGame: You were at the Rose Bowl, you were at the National Championship Game. It was an amazing run. What were your emotions like during this roller coaster?
TERRELL DAVIS: The Rose Bowl was awesome because I'm from California, so to see Georgia in California playing in a big game like that was a dream come true. And they won the game, so it put themselves in the National Championship Game. And the National Championship game started off pretty good for us. We were in good position, and it just felt like as the game started to unfold, Georgia started to feel a little bit like they were hoping to win and weren't confident they could win. Of course, the refs had a little bit of say so in there. But listen, Alabama been a champion, they were playing like they knew they could win that game and you could kind of feel the tide shifting a little bit. No pun intended with that, man, but the tide shifted. It got to a point where it was overtime, and Georgia strikes first, they kick the field goal and you think,  all right, now we're looking real good. We got the sack on first down, it's 2nd and 26, we're gonna win this thing. and just like that, I look up and the ball's going over my head, and I'm watching it and I'm thinking, "All right, maybe a safety is gonna come over and knock this down or a cornerback." And all of a sudden, the receiver catches the ball and the game is over.

TPG: You're on the sidelines. Do you want to coach? Do you want to just walk up to those players? How do you stop yourself from trying to coach when watching from the sideline?
DAVIS: Not necessarily coach, but as they were, when it was the end of regulation and Alabama was about to kick the field goal, I can see the disappointment from the players on the sideline. At that point, you think the game's probably going to be over. It's kind of a chip shot. And I was thinking, "Oh, once they make that, I'll go kind of tell them," and I told one player, I said, "I wasn't prepared for this speech I'm about to tell you, but remember how you feel right now, take that feeling right now because you're going to need that. That is going to propel you guys to back where you guys are today. That's the thing that's going to help make it happen. It's how you feel, you don't ever want to feel that way again. And hopefully, there's some good that's coming out of all this bad that's happening." And they can take that and maybe next year that's something they can look forward to and use that energy and fuel to win a championship.

TPG: Two guys, Nick Chubb and Sony Michel, will be going to the NFL. They're running backs, guys I imagine you have a relationship with. What do you expect from them in the future?
DAVIS: I think they have a bright future. We've seen running backs this year, the rookie class looks pretty strong, and I think running backs are actually coming back because the quarterback play is a little ... it's not as good. So if you're a team and you've got a young quarterback, you've got to surround him with some pieces and a good running game is one way to get that done. I think this class right here looks real good, that's coming out of college. We'll see a lot of good running backs coming out.

TPG: What was some advice you gave those two running backs when you were in Atlanta last week?
DAVIS: I didn't talk to them in Atlanta last week, but I did talk to them when I was in Georgia a couple of months ago. It was really just telling them they can play on this level and really believing in your abilities and just working as hard as you can. The only thing you can do, we always talk about controlling what you can control, that’s it. Prepare as hard as you can, work on the things you're not strong at right now because believe me, the NFL's going to test you on everything. Your catching ability, whether you can pass block, whether you have a sense for the game, how you run, all those things will come into play, so work on everything, don't just focus on the things you do well.

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