While a floating golf course may sound like one giant water hazard in the making, plans to build one are already underway in the Maldives.

The 18-hole golf course will be built close to the Maldives airport on the island nation 250 miles southwest of India, making it the first ever of its kind. It will also include luxurious accommodations overlooking the surrounding coral reef (so you can search for your lost ball from your window).

How will it work? A series of floating platforms -- containing two or three holes each -- will be connected by underwater tunnels. The tunnels can also be used to enter a series of adjoining hotels.

And unlike Dubai's construction of the Palm Islands and The World resorts -- which have long been criticized for their utter lack of sustainability -- the Maldives golf course is intended to have a zero carbon footprint on its surrounding ecosystem. That may be wishful thinking, but the course is touted to be powered by solar energy -- an easily attainable resource for the sunny Maldives.

The project will cost around $500 million -- the cost of greens fees at Pebble! -- and is due to be completed in 2015. And while this floating paradise is expected to bring new tourism and investment money to the country, just wait until they staff up. How about mermaids for cart girls?

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