Eli Apple, Annie Apple

Give Annie Apple a break: She's a proud mom. Her son, Eli Apple, is just starting his career as a rookie with the New York Giants, and Eli isn't the only one excited about his future.

So for his first day at his new job, Annie Apple did what all loving, highly involved mothers do: She drove her adult son to work.

Annie revealed their mom-son date in a #TBT post to Twitter, from when Eli first attended OTAs with the team.

Eli's mother has risen to her own sort of fame as a visible and vocal NFL mom -- one who isn't afraid to be proud of her son's accomplishments.

For as much as we think of the journeys players take on their long roads to professional sports, it's easy to overlook the role mothers and other supportive people play in making those dreams come true.

Go make mom proud, Eli.

In case you missed it, here was one of Annie's breakout performances before the NFL draft in Chicago:

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